Linxdatacenter created geo-distributed IT infrastructure for Western Union

May 17, 2016: Linxdatacenter, an international solutions supplier in such areas as data processing centers (DPCs) and cloud infrastructure, provided Western Union with co-location and communication services in two Russian cities.

One of the main requirements of Western Union within the framework of the project was the establishment of geo-distributed infrastructure in two different locations, the first of which in Moscow and the second in Saint Petersburg. This scheme increases disaster tolerance of information systems and allows the company to properly operate even if one location fails completely. Thanks to the two modern centers of data processing, strategically located in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and conforming to Tier 3 standards, Linxdatacenter has meet the demands of Western Union. Linxdatacenter provides Western Union with a wide range of services which includes maintenance of its network and provision of data channels between two DPCs, which guarantees the necessary failure resistance of the locations.

Aside from failure resistance, another important requirement was ensuring a high level physical safety for the equipment. The safety of Linxdatacenter DPC has been confirmed by official documents: at the end of the previous year the data processing center in Saint Petersburg passed the compliance audit for PCI DSS, which shows that the level of safety in the DPC needed for processing credit card and financial information is ensured.

The project implemented within tight deadlines has again become an example of successful cooperation between Linxdatacenter and Western Union in Russia.

“Thanks to a high level of reliability of the IT infrastructure and precisely following corporate demands, customers of Western Union can count on stability and quality in the services provided. This is a primary example of a respectable company, which has made a decision to conform to all legal standards and thus having provided itself with a safe operating activity, which other representatives of the business can emulate,” said Mikhail Vetrov, the CEO of Linxdatacenter Russia.

About Linxdatacenter

Linxdatacenter – an international solutions supplier in such areas as data processing centers (DPCs) and cloud infrastructure. It is a member of the Linx group and an allied brand of Linxtelecom, an international provider of telecommunication services. The Linxdatacenter team has vast experience in the realization of ICT projects of any level of complexity. In addition, thanks to a broad legal review, the company helps its clients to comply with all applicable legal requirements, including Federal Law ''On Personal Data'' (# 152-FZ). Linxdatacenter is a reliable business partner which provides its clients with high quality services, and the company's DPCs have been certified in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Thanks to the interconnectivity of the data processing centers with the extensive telecommunication network in Eastern and Central Europe, the Linx group serves as a key link between the East and the West. By cooperating with Linxdatacenter and Linxtelecom, you receive the benefits from using the infrastructure of the international data centers and the extensive regional  telecommunication network, as well as working with the team of experts from both Russia and abroad. The headquarters of the company is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In 2013, the Linx group launched the integrated complex cloud solution LinxCloud on the Russian market. The cloud solution was built on a safe multiuser FlexPod architecture by NetApp, Cisco and VMware. The LinxCloud platform is located in the Linxdatacenter DPC (the total space is more than 13,000 square meters), modernly equipped and strategically located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tallin and Warsaw. They form an integrated compound and are built in accordance with the international standards; they have a highspeed network, a stable power supply and air-cooling system, and also ensure reliability and safety for the services provided.

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