Tallinn Internet Exchange (TLLIX)

Tallinn Internet Exchange (TLLIX) is managed by Linxtelecom and can be used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to exchange data at a national and international level. The TLLIX is a service for commercial ISPs, academic networks and companies active in the region of  Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

The required routing protocol for peering is BGP (version 4). The correct routing register for the TLLIX peering documentation is the RIPE database. Currently, Ethernet (1000BASE-T (copper)), 1000BASE-SX (multi-mode) and 1000BASE-LX/LH (single model) is offered as a common exchange medium.

Address and contact information TLLIX:

Solé 25, Tallin 10614, Estland | T: +372 622 3390 | F: +372 654 2942 | E: info@tllix.net


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